Today we are going to talk about Shareit IP and how to use it properly. This IP can be used to transfer “Shareit app” with other devices.

Shareit is a cross-platform network which can be used to share files with anyone around you. So basically both the sender and receiver should have Shareit installed on their device.

What is IP? is an IP address which is used to download Shareit app on an Android device. This IP comes handy when you don’t want to use your internet to download Shareit because using IP, you can download it offline.

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How to Use Address?

As we have mentioned above, using this IP address, you can download Shareit app offline. To do that, you need two Android mobiles. One mobile should have the latest version of Shareit installed on it. Follow these steps.

  1. First of all, Open Shareit and tap on the Invite icon from the top right corner invite
  2. In the very next step, tap on the “hotspot” to turn on your mobile hotspot. wifi hotspot
  3. Some devices may need special permission to turn on the wi-fi hotspot, turn it on.
    192.168.43:12999 permission
  4. Now, the app will automatically turn on a hotspot on your mobile.
    shareit 192.168.43 ip address
  5. After that, connect your second mobile to that hotspot
  6. Make sure you have turned on “Install unknown apps” on your second mobile before proceeding.
  7. Open your default browser and type in your its address bar (don’t type it on google search)
  8. Finally, tap on “Download” button to download Shareit.

Most noteworthy point of IP is that you can simultaneously use on multiple devices. You just have to connect all your devices to the same Hotspot address to download Shareit.

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