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After a long time, Airtel has come up with a brand new VoLTE beta offer. In this offer, Airtel customers can get a benefit of 30GB 4G data for absolutely no cost. Airtel is crediting 10GB free data just for trying out their VoLTE service in your city.

Airtel is pushing hard it’s VoLTE beta service in India because we know that Jio was the first telecom to launch it. That’s why Airtel is giving away some benefits to its customer for giving feedback on VoLTE performance. In this post, we will tell you, how exactly can you get this free 30GB 4G data.

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What is Airtel VoLTE Beta Offer?

airtel volte offer

In this offer, you need to try the Airtel’s VoLTE Beta service (if eligible). A 10GB data will be credited instantly. You will get extra 10GB when you provide the service feedback at the end of 4th week. Additional 10GB when you will provide feedback at the end of 8th week. So in total, you will get 30GB free data.

First, Qualify for 30GB Data (Eligibility)

airtel 30gb offer free

Qualifying for Airtel VoLTE offer is very simple. For eligibility, you need to make sure that you have…

  • Airtel 4G Sim card
  • A 4G handset with VoLTE
  • Latest firmware update on your phone
  • VoLTE Switch (on-off option on the phone)
  • Your city should have Airtel VoLTE beta program launched

How to Activate Airtel VoLTE Offer

If you are already getting SMS alert of this offer, you can get started just by clicking on the SMS link. You will receive such SMS as soon as Airtel’s VoLTE service has launched in your city.

airtel volte beta free data

Alternatively, you can follow our method, if you are not receiving such SMS as shown above.

Warning: Before proceeding, please note that as part of VoLTE beta program, you may face network fluctuations.

  1. First of all, open this link from your mobile or desktop browser
  2. Now, scroll down to the bottom to enter your ten digit Airtel mobile number
    airtel free internet 30gb
  3. After that click “check eligibility” and you will receive a confirmation SMS shortly
  4. Now, all you need is to insert your Airtel Sim in your mobile’s Sim Card slot 1
  5. Now turn on your VoLTE feature from your phone’s setting
    enable volte
  6. Finally, within 24 hours, your Airtel account will receive 10GB data
    airtel 30gb data offer
  7. Now after four and eight weeks, provide feedback to Airtel to receive addition 10GB + 10GB data

Note: To provide feedback, you will receive SMS alert from Airtel

Airtel 30GB Offer: Important Questions

Ques: I am already an Airtel VoLTE user, where is my free 30GB data?

Answer: This VoLTE offer is only available under VoLTE Beta program. Your city must already have regular Airtel VoLTE service.

Ques: Why am I not eligible for this offer?

Answer: As we have already mentioned above, you need to qualify first to receive the benefits.

Ques: Which states come under Airtel VoLTE free data offer?

Answer: Selected cities of these states are receiving Airtel VoLTE offer’s benefit.

  1. Haryana
  2. UP East
  3. NESA
  4. West Bengal
  5. Orissa
  6. Kerala
  7. Assam
  8. Bihar
  9. Rajasthan
  10. Delhi
  11. Punjab

Ques: What are the significant benefits of VoLTE service?

Answer: These are the general benefits of using VoLTE service

  • HD voice calls
  • Instant call connect
  • User internet while on a call

If you have further question regarding this topic, feel free to ask us.