Everyone uses at least Android in one way or the other. Today we will be talking about Best Android Launcher of 2018. We have listed some of the best and widely popular launchers that will customize your home screen to a whole new level.

We all want to make our phone look different from other, we personalized things. The whole point is that we want to make our phone look according to us. The stock launcher may not suit everyone and that is why there are so many Android launchers are available.

The user interface (UI) is what we need in the first place in any launcher. UI can be modified using skins and icon packs, we need them too. There are hundreds of launchers available at play store which offers these features, keep reading.

best android launcher

Best Android Launcher

Here we will be talking about various Android Launchers/ Skins and what makes them Best amongst the rest. There are following parameters, on which a launcher needs to perform/ outperform others to be the Best Android Launcher:

  • Fluidity: How fluid and smooth is the usage?
  • Aesthetics: How good it looks and how clean and organized it is?
  • Performance: Does it eat a lot of memory or utilizes a minimum of it?
  • Complexity: How easy it is for a user to learn and understand it efficiently?

Based on the above-mentioned parameters, here’s Best Android Launchers of 2018.

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1. Nova Launcher

Nova is one of the lightest, stable and bug-free launchers. It has evolved itself to such an extent that it is most popular and has a maximum number of downloads and active users in the world. It’s clean UI and very strong customization power to the user makes users feel at home with pretty much any smartphone they use. It’s simple to use, it looks great and does not let you compromise on performance.

nova launcher

There are many themes available in the play store for Nova Launcher, all for free. That is why this highest rated Android launcher in 2018 making it our no.1 choice.

Key Features

  • Infinite scroll
  • Fast response
  • Color controls
  • Free dock widgets
  • Customize App Drawer
  • Unread app notifications
  • Change app icon themes and size

Download Free Nova Launcher

2. Pixel Launcher

Like Google Pixel phone? Take the UI to your device anytime using Google Pixel launcher. Even though we are talking about customization, yet there are hundreds of thousand users who like to keep it minimal.

pixel launcher

Directly powered by Google and their team, it is performance wise the best Android Launcher of all time. It will use less RAM. It’s simple, it’s efficient, it’s clean and it looks aesthetically beautiful. It barely takes any minute for the user to get used to of it.

Key Features

  • Swipe gestures
  • A-Z app listing
  • Long-press action
  • Quick access to Google Search
  • Personalise news and info in the home screen

Download Free Pixel Launcher

3. Blackberry Launcher

Here is the official Blackberry launcher for those who love Blackberry or maybe a fan of it. This launcher has covered almost all the features that you are looking for. Its build to give you more exposure to your work, tasks etc and it’s really powerful.

blackberry launcher

Keyboard shortcuts make it popular among typing enthusiasts. If you need different and better typing experience, you should give it a try. It’s completely free for 30 days, thereafter you can continue using it with few ads. Let’s find what makes this launcher unique

Key Features

  • Stock Android feel and icon
  • Create custom home shortcuts
  • Change the grid layout
  • Quick network toggle shortcuts
  • Add contacts, notes, tasks, and calendar quickly

Download Free Blackberry Launcher

4. ZenUI Launcher

Powered by a hardcore team of ASUS, The Zen UI is probably the best thing that can be used by Android user. It’s home screen customization, gadgets, features, and shortcuts make it one of the most efficient Android launcher of 2018. You need not own an Asus Zenfone to experience the Zen UI.

zenui launcher

If you don’t have Asus Android phone then you may not find this launcher on Google Play Store due to compatibility issue. However, you can find download direct .APK for this launcher from Apkmirror site.

Key Features

  • Integrated app locker
  • Smart auto-group of apps
  • Show or Hide your favorite applications
  • Clean and beautiful effects and transitions
  • Swipe up and down gesture for quick shortcuts
  • Faster app search with intuitive contextual app discovery

Download Free ZenUI Launcher

5. Solo Launcher

Here is another best Android launcher that has managed to get into our list. This launcher is very light and smooth from most of the other launchers. It comes with so many free add-0ns that you can use to enhance your home screen. It includes Weather and clock widgets, Search bar, App lockers and Lock screen etc.

solo launcher

Solo Launcher is another near perfect example of those launchers, who completely believe in the power of a stock version of Android. It’s fluidity and smoothness while using, gives it a clear edge and makes it a winner in near stock Android Launcher. It also has multiple themes which make your phone look good.

Key Features

  • Battery saver add-on for free
  • Quick Gestures to access the app
  • Material Design 2.0 looks awesome
  • Several free themes and wallpapers
  • Clean cache and junk RAM memory using Speed Booster

Download Free Solo Launcher

6. Microsoft Launcher

There is no place like your mobile’s home screen and probably Microsoft Launcher knows it better. It gives you many possibilities to fill your home screen with quick shortcuts to your favorites applications. Get all your emails just by swiping left and transfer files from phone to PC with one tap.
microsoft launcher

Customizable gestures, themes, and shortcuts give it a winning edge and simple design rules the market. Basically, you can do so much using Microsoft Launcher, check the full list

Key Features

  • Integrated with your Office 365
  • Customize gesture, pin contacts, dial faster
  • Get refreshed wallpaper daily (needs internet)
  • Change your theme, accent color, and header
  • Get personalized feed directly to your home screen

Download Free Microsoft Launcher

7. Apex Launcher

Apex launcher is there for many years and knows what user needs from them. That is why you get a lot of features for free in it. Using it, you will get the pure stock base Android environment. You can use pinch zoom, drag, drop, hover, long press actions on it.

apex launcher

There are so two version of Apex launcher is available i.e free and paid. However, we are only talking about the free version in this article. Let’s check what we get on it.

Key Features

  • Multiple drawer styles
  • Fancy transition effects
  • Infinite & elastic scrolling
  • Hide, Change app icons
  • Optimized for both phones and tablets
  • Lock the desktop changes you recently made
  • Backup/restore settings and data

Download Free Apex Launcher

8. More Alternatives

Additionally, you can pick any of these launchers. These launchers are selected on the basis of more customizability and users review on Play store.

Stock vs Custom Launchers:

Whereas there’s the majority of users who like to custom their Android device via skin or Android Launcher, there still exist a decent amount of users who like to keep it simple and stock.

Google boasts of simplicity and high performance with stock android launcher via its then Nexus series and current Google Pixel series. Motorola has been very successful in providing “Near Stock” experience.

Customization is one’s personal choice and cannot be splashed onto other’s face to take it as such and adapt. It means to do what suits you and what makes you most comfortable. Yet with all the disputes and controversies, we were able to help you out in choosing the best Android launcher (2018) on certain basic parameters.

Choose what suits you, for even Stock is new Custom!

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