Here is the list of advance call recorder for your Android device. Some of these apps are hidden call recorder which can record your voice in the background and some have crucial features like HD voice recording.

Technold Tip of the day: Try to record your calls over VoLTE network for superior recording quality. Due to the fact that VoLTE networks use your packet data that can drastically improve your recording voices. Now get back to the point,

Now, don’t even miss a single detail of your phone calls. At present, where every call could be a life-changing deal, it’s good to have a backup of your conversations. Here, we are representing five best free call recording apps for Android available in Google Play Store. We are listing these apps on the basis of users’ reviews in a random order. All of these applications are capable of recording a call automatically when your phone rings or you dial a call.

Is it Legal to Record a Conversation in India?

Tapping a phone call is illegal in India until you have the permission of legal designated authority. If you use a third-party source to record a call without the permission of the participant, it is illegal. If you record a call with the consent of both parties, it is legal. However, recording a conversation depends upon nature and multiple methods adopted. For example, you can record a call to use it as evidence, but for sure you have to prove its relevancy.

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Now, look at the list of top 10 call recording applications for Android platform:

1. Call Recorder (Green Apple Studio)
best call recorder for android 2018 green apple studio

Call Recorder for Android is a free call recording application. It allows you to secretly record any call automatically. By using this application, you can record any call and save any conversation to your hard drive. You can set which call you want to record and which to drop. You can also play, delete, and manage your whitelist.

Highlighted Features

  • Record all incoming and outgoing calls
  • You can listen to the recorded calls within the application. Along with this, you can add notes, share conversations to Dropbox, Google, SMS, Skype, Facebook, etc.
  • When new phone calls fill up the inbox, the older recordings will automatically get deleted if not set as important.
  • You can view all your phone calls with multiple options like group by name, group by dates, and list by time, etc.
  • It features whitelist, blacklist, favorite calls, search for recorded calls, set source (Mic, voice call, a video camera), etc.


  • Sometimes, the notification remains active saying the call is recording until the app is forced to stop.
  • You have to pick the numbers one at a time to add to the exclude list
  • The free version comes with tonnes of ads. Not only this, if you have an active internet connection, it also records the voice of ads.

Additional Info

  • Required Android: 4.0 (Ice Crean Sandwich) and up
  • Offered by: Green Apple Studio
  • Application Size: 7.9 MB

Download Call Recorder

2. Automatic Call Recorder

automatic best call recorder for android 2018

Automatic Call Recorder is a free call recording application for Android-based smartphones. Record all your incoming/ outgoing calls and directly save to your SD card. It is a hidden call recording app for your android phone which records your conversation in the background. You can listen to the recordings within the application.

Highlighted Features

  • Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox is the critical feature of this application that allows users to synchronize with the cloud storage as well.
  • The Android apk is compatible with the smartphones running on Android version 3.0 (Honeycomb) and above.
  • Recorded calls are directly saved in the inbox of the application. You can set the size of this inbox and record unlimited calls (depends on device’s memory).
  • When new phone calls fill up the inbox, the old recordings will automatically be deleted if not set as necessary.
  • Default settings: Record everything, ignore everything and ignore contacts (record calls not in the contact list).

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  • Sometimes, it doesn’t work automatically unless you keep it running in the background

Additional Info

  • Required Android: 2.3 (Gingerbread) and up
  • Offered by: Appliqato
  • Application Size: 7 MB

Download Automatic Call Recorder

3. Call Recorder – ACR (Beta)

acr beta top call recorder for android 2018

ACR or Another Call Recorder is a free call recording tool for Android platforms. The application has a lot advanced features and a user-friendly interface.

Highlighted Features

  • You can search for the calls by simply entering a phone a number or name of the contact.
  • It allows you to record all incoming/outgoing calls. You can also delete all calls in a single tap.
  • One of the best features of this application is, you can protect all your recordings by setting a password.
  • Different Integrations: Google Drive, Dropbox, WebDAV, FTP integration, and many more.


  • The app does not auto-start when a phone is rebooted. Leaving all calls in the meanwhile unrecorded.

Additional Info

  • Required Android: Varies with devices
  • Offered by: NLL
  • Application Size: 5 MB

Download Call Recorder – ACR (Beta)

4. Auto Call Recorder 2018

auto best call recorder for android 2018

Auto Call Recorder 2018 is a free all-in-one Android app. The apk not only record incoming/outgoing calls but also identifies unknown phone calls for you. Show all contacts, backup, and password protection are some of the key features of this application.

Highlighted Features

  • It records all incoming/outgoing calls in HD sound quality and plays any recorded call within the app.
  • It shows ongoing call duration, and you can stop call recording during a call from the notification bar.
  • You can set to delete old calls to save memory.
  • It allows you to backup all your phone contacts at a single click, and you can restore them whenever you want. Also, share your contact list to another device using various sharing options.


  • Auto Call Recorder 2018 app is unable to record Wi-FI, VOIP, SIP or any internet calls.
  • No cloud backup feature that means if you delete all your recordings or format your phone, you won’t be able to recover your data.

Additional Info

  • Required Android: 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and up
  • Offered by: Quantum4U
  • Application Size: 7 MB

Download Auto Call Recorder 2018

5. Cube Call Recorder ACR

cube best call recorder 2018 for android

Cube Call Recorder is also a free call recording application for Android. The user interface of this app is very fresh and colorful. This app will secretly do the job for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Cube call recorder allows you to record all the incoming, outgoing, and Voice over IP (VoIP) or internet calls.
    Note: Jio 4G Voice calls are not supported
  • It supports phone calls, Skype 7 & Skype Lite, Viber, Whatsapp, Hangout, Facebook, IMO Kakao, Line, Slack, and Telegram.
  • Cube ACR has a built-in file explorer for managing your recordings, playing them, deleting on the fly or exporting to other services or devices.
  • If you bring your phone to your ear on playback, it automatically switches from loudspeaker to ear speaker.
  • Premium Features: Cloud backup, Pin lock, More audio formats (MP4 supported), Save to SD card, Shake-to-mark (Shake your phone while recording to mark a vital conversation), Smart storage management, Stealth mode (remove icon and notifications from notification bar),


  • The advantageous features are locked until you purchase the subscription

Additional Info

  • Required Android: 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and up
  • Offered by: Catalina Group
  • Application Size: 7.7 MB

Download Cube Call Recorder

Let us know if you find these article informative. If you have any suggestions for us, share your views in the comment section below. We will keep updating this post on a regular basis so do stay tuned for more.

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