So here is the list of best Kodi Media player skins for 2018. Kodi which is also known as XBMC is an open source media player available for free. This application is developed by XBMC/Kodi foundation which is non-profit technology association.  Kodi works on various hardware platforms as well as on multiple operating systems. It also features a 10-foot user interface which can be used with televisions and remote controls. The interface is very simple and user-friendly. You can also customize the player and can do some amazing changes.

Just for your kind information, Kodi is an award-winning General Public License (GPL) entertainment hub. It perfectly works with Linux, OSX, Windows, iOS, Raspberry Pi, Amazon Fire TV, and Android.  Not only users can watch their favorite movies or shows but they can record the live TV too. It supports most of the audio/video formats and other digital media files available on the internet.

You can completely change the looks of your media player by applying free themes available exclusively for this software. Here, we have listed some of the amazing Kodi skins with their download links. We hope that you will find something that suits your tastes. Well, if you don’t know how to change the skins, don’t worry we will tell you that too at the end of this article. Take a look best Kodi skins 2018

As they say, Style is the reflection of your attitude and your personality.

1. ReFocus

refocus kodi skin

ReFocus is a graphical interface for Kodi developed by Jeoren. This skin is very smart and truly understands your media. If we have to define this skin, it is simple, elegant, refine, consistent and balanced. It comes with a lot of customization options. You can manage your home screen, download media art, and set widgets.

To get most out of this skin you need install the following add-ons. These add-ons get installed automatically when you download the skin but if they are not, you can download and install them manually. If you feel like the skin is not working properly or most of the features are missing or not available that clearly indicates the following add-ons are not installed properly.

  1. Skin Shortcuts
  2. Watchlist
  3. Library Data Provider
  4. Artist Slideshow
  5. TV Show Next Aired
  6. Artwork Downloader
  7. Fanart Grabber

Download ReFocus Kodi Skin

2. Nebula

nebula kodi skin

This skin is specifically designed for full HD TV screens by Tgx. It is very simple and features light or dark color skin design. This skin offers Custom home items, Extra fanart, Live TV/PVR, and touch support. If you are looking for a basic yet rich feature skin, this could be one of the best options. The following add-ons are required to support this skin

  1. PleXBMC
  2. Custom Home Items
  3. Artwork Downloader
  4. Clear Art & Clear Logo
  5. cdArt
  6. Extra Fanart
  7. TvTunes
  8. Skin Widgets
  9. Touch Support
  10. VideoExtras
  11. Artist Slideshow
  12. Live TV/PVR
  13. Cinema Experience
  14. Extended Info

Download Nebula Kodi Skin

3. Aeon Nox

aeon nox kodi skin

This is Kodi’s one of the most recommended skins. After “Confluence” which is Kodi’s default skin, users prefer Aeon Nox because of its lightweight design. It works fluently with all the operating systems and hardware platforms. The skin is designed by BigNoid and offers a load of customization options. According to developers, this skin is completely redesigned to create a modern look while retaining the classic Aeon feel. This skin features Custom home items, Horizontal home menu, and TV shows logos. To get most out of this skin you need install the following add-ons

  1. Artwork Downloader
  2. cdArt
  3. TvTunes
  4. Next Aired
  5. Metadata Actors

Download Aeon Nox Kodi Skin

4. Amber

amber kodi skin

This Kodi skin is designed by Pecinko and works seamlessly with multiple operating systems. The unique feature in this skin is its customizable home menu. Users can set their home menu in horizontal or vertical position. It is a lightweight skin and features Custom home items. Words from developers, “No bloatware, just your media with an easy to navigate interface. Uses some textures from Mediastream and Aeon skins.”

Download Amber Kodi Skin

5. Xperience 1080

xperience 1080 kodi skin

The best thing about this skin is its focused graphical quality. As it is clear from the skin name, Xperience 1080 is a full width (1920 x 1080) panel skin. The animations of this skin are so smooth and sleek. This skin is not a mess of options. You will find all you need in one place. The simplicity is the right keyword to define this skin. The skin features custom home items, horizontal home menu, and TV show logos. The only problem with this skin is partial touch support. But if partial touch support doesn’t bother you, this could be one the best options. The following add-ons are required to install

  1. Artwork Downloader
  2. cdArt
  3. Extended Info
  4. Metadata Actors
  5. Next Aired
  6. TvTunes

Download Xperience 1080 Kodi Skin

6. Black Glass Nova

black glass nova kodi skin

The skin is developed by Tgx. The skin justifies its name. It gives an appearance of Black Glass which really looks good. The animations are so smooth. The best thing about this skin is its simplicity and lightweight. Because of its lightweight quality, it doesn’t hang up the system. The skin features custom home items, horizontal home menu, extra fanart, live TV/PVR, touch support, etc. According to developers, this skin is ported from MediaPortal, Black Glass Nova is an easy to use and fanart oriented skin designed for full HD TV screens. Following add-ons are required for an uninterrupted functioning

  1. Artist Slideshow
  2. Artwork Downloader
  3. cdArt
  4. Cinema Experience
  5. Metadata Actors
  6. PleXBMC
  7. Skin Widgets
  8. TvTunes
  9. VideoExtras

Download Black Glass Nova Kodi Skin

7. Eminence

eminence kodi skin

If you don’t want much of the customization options and want a simple and basic skin, you can go with this skin. The skin is purely made for the users looking for a faster response. The skin is very light and smooth. Although the skin doesn’t offer much of the options but the looks and interface are very good. According to a user, this skin is clean, minimalist and beautiful. The skin features horizontal home menu. The following add-ons are required

  1. Skin Widget
  2. TvTunes
  3. Library Service Data Provider
  4. Script Favourites
  5. Global Search
  6. Artist Slideshow
  7. CU LRC Lyrics

Download Eminence Kodi Skin

8. Mimic

mimic kodi skin

This skin is a combination of ReFocus and Aeon Nox skins. However, users won’t recognize that this skin is a hybrid of two skins. The user interface gives a unique and attractive appearance. The skin successfully set its position in this list because of its clear design and attention to the details. In this skin, the color theme can be created with color.xml. It includes Blue, Brown, Mauve, Purple, Grey/Orange, Green/Yellow, and several variations with black backgrounds. It features custom home items, extra fanart, live TV/PVR, touch support, TV show logos, etc. Required or supported add-ons are:

  1. Artist Slideshow
  2. Artwork Downloader
  3. cdArt
  4. Cinema Experience
  5. CU LRC Lyrics
  6. Global Search
  7. Metadata Actors
  8. Next Aired
  9. Rating Update, RSS Editor, OpenWeatherMap Extended
  10. Skin Widgets
  11. TvTunes

Download Mimic Kodi Skin

9. Transparency

transparency kodi skin

Transparency is basically a fanart skin. The skin is designed to show your fanart, fullscreen, in all of the views, every time. Along with this, it also supports each and every new feature all the other skins of Kodi has. Trending features like XML code are also included to save time and cause lesser trouble. Such features are pre-loaded in this skin. The skin features custom home items, verticle home menu and TV shows logo. The following add-ons are required for the smooth working of this skin

  1. Artwork Downloader
  2. cdArt
  3. Metadata Actors
  4. Next Aired
  5. TvTunes
  6. VideoExtras

Download Transparency Kodi Skin

10. Ace

ace kodi skin

Ace is one of the Kodi skins which is very light, powerful and highly customizable. The skin is very elegant and works very smoothly. Although the theme is very light but it doesn’t compromise with the performance. The skin is developed by MarcosQui. The skin features Custom home menus, Horizontal home menu, Live TV/PVR, touch support, TV shows logo, Vertical home menu. Install following add-ons for smooth running

  1. Advanced Launcher
  2. Artist Slideshow
  3. Artwork Downloader
  4. CU LRC Lyrics
  5. Favorites script
  6. Next Aired
  7. Skin Widgets
  8. TvTunes

Download Ace Kodi Skin

How to Apply Kodi Skin?

As we mentioned above, when you install the Kodi media player for the first time, it comes with “Confluence” default skin which is very smooth and light. However, if you want to change the skin and want to apply one of the above-mentioned skins, follow these simple steps:

  1. First of all, download Kodi in your device and install it
  2. After that open Kodi
  3. Go to the “Systems”
  4. Now, tap/click on “Settings”
  5. If you will find “Appearance” setting there
  6. Now, click on “Skins” and then on the “Get more” option
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