A voltage stabilizer for AC is designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level for the load to prevent excessive power fluctuations. So a voltage stabilizer plays a vital role to keep your Air Conditioner safe and also responsible for constant cooling.

In recent times, the increasing demand for electronic appliances has affected electricity circulation. Half of us Indians live in areas where electricity and voltage fluctuations are an issue yet. ‘Accept it and deal with it’ is the attitude we apply. If we invest a hefty amount of money on Air conditioners, why not for safeguarding them.

I understand that Invertor type AC doesn’t need any voltage stabilizer as they have inbuilt one. However, non-invertor type AC needs a voltage stabilizer to keep the electronic parts healthy over the time.

The main function of an AC voltage stabilizer is to find the optimal operating voltage range for your Air conditioner.

Best Voltage Stabilizer for AC

best voltage stabilizer for ac

Different type of voltage stabilizers is available for a different kind of AC capacity. So we have listed some of the best voltage stabilizers available online. Let’s find out which stabilizers have made it to our top list.

1. V-Guard VG400 for 1 to 1.5 Ton AC

v-guard vg400 voltage stabilizer for ac

VG400 is an excellent voltage stabilizer to save your 1 to 1.5 ton capacity AC from high voltage. Because it has aluminum windings, it is one of the cheapest stabilizers you can buy online. This product becomes one of the most top selling stabilizers in 2018.

Best Features

  • The operating voltage range is 170 – 270 volts
  • Protects your AC from both low and high voltage cut-off
  • The cabinet can be easily mounted on walls
  • Latest integrated circuit
  • Initial time delay system of 3 minutes
  • Three years product warranty
₹ 1,596

2. Luminous ToughX TA150D for 1.5 Ton AC

luminous toughx ac voltage stabilizer

If you are looking for an advance and digital stabilizer for your 1.5 ton AC than Luminous TA150D is one of the best choices. It looks so premium on your wall with the complete metal body design. Great product to protect your AC during voltage spikes. It comes with three years warranty from Luminous. Definitely one of the best stabilizer for 2018.

Best Features

  • Works on the input voltage range of 150-270V
  • It can handle low and high cut off automatically
  • It has a microprocessor system on IC
  • Easy to mount on the wall
  • The 7-Segment digital display to check the voltage
  • It can also work with generator power supply
  • Prevents voltage shocks to your AC
  • ITDS of 1-35 Seconds
₹ 2,267

3. Microtek EM5150+ for 2 Ton AC

microtek em5150 voltage stabilizer for ac

Microtek EM5150+ is one of the best voltage stabilizers for 2 ton capacity AC. It is a very reliable product to keep your Air conditioner safe during heavy load on voltage. It automatically step up or step down the voltage as required by your AC.

Best Features

  • Works between 150 to 290V voltage range
  • Automatic cut the power grid supply when voltage goes beyond the range
  • Wall mounting design for easy installation
  • Seven Segment digital display shows input and output voltage whole day
  • Three years free warranty by the brand
₹ 4,299

4. V Guard iD4 Prima 2040 for 1.5 Ton Inverter AC

v guard id4 prima 2040 voltage stabilizer for air conditioner

You don’t really need any stabilizer for your inverter type AC but still, if you want to save your AC from internet damage, V Guard iD4 Prima 2040 is a great alternative. This stabilizer is ideal and a specialist for your 1.5 ton inverter type air conditioner. The ITDS system protects your AC as the stabilizer will not start immediately within 3 minutes of power failure. In case your stabilizer is turned off for more than 3 minutes, it will begin to instantly work when you turn it on.

Best Features

  • Built-in protection from overheating
  • Works between 160v-280v range
  • Seven segments digital display
  • Intelligent time delay system for approx 3 minutes
₹ 3,339

5. V-Guard Vdi 400 for 1.5 Ton Inverter AC

v guard vdi 400 ac voltage stabilizer

Protection comes with style on Vdi 400. This stabilizer balances your AC input voltage from frequent power failure and erratic voltage fluctuation. During overload, the dedicated sensor product will cover your stabilizer and air condition from overheating burnout.

Best Features

  • It can handle voltage input of 140-280v
  • Very stylish and premium look
  • Easy to mount on your wall
  • Built-in thermal overload management
  • Free 3 years warranty by brand
  • ITDS of 3 minutes ± 20 Seconds
₹ 4,109

6. V Guard VG 400 AE 20 2850 for 1 Ton AC

v-guard vg 400 ae 20 2850 voltage stabilizer for air conditioners

If you have an air condition of 1 to 1.5 ton, then you should consider buying V Guard VG 400. Its an improved version of V Guard VG400 which we have listed on number one spot. This stabilizer has more durability and also has a longer lifespan.

  • It operates between the voltage range of 160V to 270V
  • High-temperature protection
  • Fire retardant ABS cabinet
  • Fully automatic auto cut-off PCB mechanism
  • Free 3 years on-site warranty
  • ITDS of 3 minutes ± 20 Seconds
₹ 2,400

Do I Need a Voltage Stabilizers for My AC?

Yes, you definitely need a voltage stabilizer for you AC. To understand this answer, you need to know the fact that there are two kinds of electronic home appliances available in the market.

  1. Resistive Load (appliances without motors)
  2. Inductive Load (appliances with motors)

1. Resistive Load Appliances

All appliances without motors have high voltage operating range. That means they can function from low to high voltage. So basically they don’t need any kind of voltage stabilizer. In low voltage the output of such appliances become less, for example, a bulb will glow less in low voltage. In high voltage, more current will pass through a bulb and thus it glows brighter.

Example of Resistive Load Appliances Are

  • Tubelight, Bulb, Television, Water heater, Induction Cooker, Iron, Water Purifiers, Room Heater

2. Inductive Load Appliances

These appliances work in a limited voltage range. That is why when the voltage drops than the operating voltage range, your AC will not function at all. As a result, more current will flow to your AC’s electronic equipment, and it may damage or burn your AC.

At high voltage, a high current will pass to your AC, result in quick start and then gradually become consistent. However, the initial high current may also burn the AC equipment, right? Consequently, we need a voltage stabilizer to make sure that your AC is running in its operating voltage range.

A ceiling fan also has a motor, but its working voltage range is high. Therefore in the low voltage, your ceiling fan still works but not your AC. So appliances with the motor require a stabilizer, especially the one with the compressor on it or large motor.

Example of Inductive Load Appliances Are

  • Refrigerators, Air conditioner, Water Pump, Washing machine

So let us know if you have any question regarding the topic. We will answer your question specifically.

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