Nintendo DS was a very popular handheld retro gaming console which was discontinued in 2013 but still, you can still enjoy all DS games using DS emulator on your android mobile. DS emulators are very similar to the original Nintendo DS consoles as they are also touch screen and multiscreen. Also, you get more frames than the original DS console if you have a high-end Android mobile. While the display can become fuzzy if the game resolution is lower than your mobile resolution.

The sad part is that there is less development of the DS emulator for android. Still, by doing deep digging in the Google Play store, I have found some of the most stable and best DS emulators for android for 2018.

best ds emulator for android

Keep in mind that emulator’s performance depends upon your mobile’s hardware. An octa-core CPU of a mobile will perform better than a quad-core or dual-core CPU. So here is the list of best DS emulator for android for 2018.


emubox ds emulator for android

EmuBox is an all-in-one retro gaming package which supports, – NDS emulator, PSX (PS1) emulator, SNES emulator, GBC emulator, NES emulator and GBA emulator on your android mobile. It allows you to save your game progress upto 20 slots so that you don’t have to start all over again. In order to eliminate lag, you can optimize your game’s performance by doing tweaks in settings. The app will automatically scan for all the game file from your internal storage. The best feature I like about this emulator is that it focuses on your main screen rather than the radar screen. There are many other features that I have listed below.

Features that I like

  • A very little advertisements
  • Fresh design with simple to use option
  • Works flawlessly with an external Bluetooth gamepad
  • You can speed up your game using fast forward option
  • Take screenshots while in a game with just one tap
  • Support 6 emulators at the same time
  • Game’s FPS is beyond 60 on high-end devices

Price: Free > Ads Free: No > Download EmuBox Emulator


drastic ds emulator for android

DraStic is the most stable DS emulator you can get for you android phone right now. Perhaps it’s the only finished product that can enhance the 3D graphics by twice the original resolution (requires quad core android mobile). So if you need traditional Nintendo DS experience, I would recommend you to install this application. Overall, it is a very simple yet powerful emulator for NDS.

  • Gives you upto 512 x 384 px resolution on top-notch devices
  • Easy to customize the dual screen by swapping position and size
  • No advertisement on your screen
  • Save and resume your progress anytime
  • Embellished visuals for both portable and landscape mode
  • Adjust the buttons as per your utility
  • Upload your saved game directly to Google Drive

Price: $4.99 > Ads Free: Yes > Download DraStic Emulator

CPU Studio

cpu studio ds emulator for android

This DS emulator will split your screen into two parts so that you can see your character and radar at the same time, just like a native console. It comes with buttons by default but if you don’t like button, you can hide them. It also comes with the options to change the screen layout of your mobile screen. You can make checkpoints by saving the game file before exiting it. When you relaunch the application, you will see an option to continue again. That’s a really helpful feature of this DS emulator.

Features that I like

  • Excellent performance and 60+ frame rate
  • Skip frames option is available in the menu
  • Easy to swap upper and bottom screen
  • Get cheats for most of the games

Price: Free > Ads Free: No > Download NDS Emulator


megands ds emulator for android

Here is a multilingual DS emulator for your android device. This emulator is fast and full-featured to run any Nintendo DS game. Even on a budget smartphone, it gives a great performance by rendering smooth, multi-threaded graphics and it also has in-game anti-aliasing for more sharp and clear view. MegaNDS is one the new but stable emulator that supports .nds, .zip, .7z, .rar file formats. You can also optimize the ARM processor engine by selecting a threaded interpreter from the settings.

Note: This app may crash on some games.

Features that I like

  • Better display than any other emulator so far
  • Switch the 3D renderer between OpenGL and Software
  • Shows FPS on the screen when enabled
  • It boosts your FPS by disabling the game sound (optional)
  • You can get all the cheat codes with this emulator
  • If you don’t like default button layout, you can always change it
  • It allows keymapping for your convenience
  • Features like auto-rotation and auto saving games are awesome
  • Change the default language with your native language

Price: Free > Ads Free: No > Download MegaNDS Emulator


retroarch ds emulator for android

This emulator always comes to my mind because it is also a multi emulator app. It gives you a decent frames of 40-60 on a quad-core processor. The graphics can be changed from the settings and it can go beyond 1080p but you will get lesser frames by doing this. So better choice is to stay with 256 x 192 resolution on budget smartphones. Also, if you experience low frame rate, kindly lower the resolution and increase CPU cores to the maximum from “Options”.

Features that I like

  • Great mixtures of all the retro emulators in one app
  • Increase game resolution according to full HD or even more
  • Scan files from your SD card with easy navigation
  • No push advertisement means a better life
  • Render game very fast (require more battery power)

Price: Free > Ads Free: Yes > Download RetroArch Emulator

So these are the best ds emulator for android mobile so far. I will keep looking for more latest and stable emulator for Nintendo DS. If you have any question, do ask me in the comment box.

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