A Facebook cover photo is an essential tool to show off your personality or branding. Whenever someone views your profile, the cover photo always shows up. Better cover photo means attractive profile. That is why correct cover photo size is required to make it look perfect. So you should know what is the right or default Facebook cover photo size for 2018.

facebook cover photo size

Why Do We Need Correct Facebook Photo Size?

If we upload cover photo size that is less than the required size, our photo will be stretched. Finally, the picture will appear blurry. The same applies to a high dimensional size cover photo, and the photo will be hard cropped.

We don’t want that right? That is why we prepare a Facebook cover photo that fits the holder size. Let’s learn, how we can do that.

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Facebook Cover Photo Size 2018

Facebook cover photos size varies with different devices. For example Desktop, Mobile (Facebook app) displays different cover photo size. So let’s dive into it

facebook cover photo size

Desktop Profile

facebook profile cover photo size desktop

The default size of the Facebook cover photo for any desktop profile is 851 x 315 px, i.e. approx. 30 x 11 cm or 11.8×4.4 inches (as 72 px/inch). So you should upload the same or higher photo size to your profile timeline’s cover photo.

Desktop Group

facebook group cover photo size desktop

If you own any group on Facebook, you need to upload cover photo size equivalent to 820 x 428 px. Of course, you can upload higher dimension, but it should not be less than that.

Desktop Page

facebook page cover photo size desktop

Facebook page is a valuable tool to promote your brand or personality, and by choosing right cover picture size, you can make your it look more professional. So if you have a Facebook page, the cover size is 820 x 363 px.

Mobile Cover Size

facebook mobile cover photo size


The mobile cover photo size of any page, profile, and group are almost same, i.e. 820 x 340 px. However, we would recommend you to follow these steps to make appropriately sized mobile cover photo.

  1. First of all, make a cover photo with the recommended desktop size (as mentioned above).
  2. After that add additional 75 px to the top and 75 px to the bottom of your image (to increase height).
  3. Finally, you will get an image that will suit on both of your desktop as well as mobile device.

So these are the official 2018 cover size as recommended by Facebook. However, the size may change in future. So the question is how we can get the exact cover photo size anytime from Facebook?

Well, it’s very simple, but it’s for advanced users. Follow these steps below

How to Check Cover Photo Size by Yourself?

  1. Open any Facebook page in your google chrome browser and press “F12” key from your keyboard.
  2. Now after that press “CTRL + SHIFT + C” from your keyboard and roll your mouse over the cover photo.facebook cover photo dimension
  3. The inspect tool element will show you the exact size of the image which has been used by cover photo (as shown above).facebook cover photo size 2018
  4. Now you know the secret, whenever Facebook changes the layout, you can always get the exact cover photo size.

So that’s all folks, if you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to ask us.

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