Have you recently downloaded an android emulator on your PC or maybe any gaming emulator on android mobile? While trying to run it, is it just showing you a black window/screen? Well, there can be multiple possible reasons for that. However, we are here to get the solution to fix the black screen problem while trying to run emulators.

Main Cause of Black Screen

  1. Outdated version of drivers or software itself
  2. OS incompatibility
  3. Hardware conflict

So basically, these are the main reason why you get a black screen rather than beautiful emulator display. You can use these point to get a quick solution.

fix emulator black screen

How to Fix Emulator Black Screen on PC?

If you are using an android emulator for PC especially, Remix OS, then this problem is ubiquitous, and there is no common fix available on the Internet. However, it’s not impossible to fix such a problem. Well, as we have discussed above that one of the primary cause of having a black screen on emulators are a compatibility issue with your PC hardware. As an example, I am considering Remix OS emulator for PC because I had to suffer from the exact same problem.

emulator black screen problem on pc

The Problem

The problem can be your outdated driver of Intel® HAXM (Intel® Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager) file. So we will try to update this file and see if it can fix our problem.

Steps to Fix Emulator Black Screen Problem

  1. First of all, visit this official Intel page to download the latest system driver for HAXM.
  2. Now, if you are using Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 or MAC 10.10 or 10.13, just download the file
  3. Extract the file on your desktop and run the “intelhaxm-android” application file
  4. Click yes to overwrite previous files with new updated files
    install haxm file
  5. Select the “Install” button to begin the installation process and that is it
    fix emulator black screen with haxm
  6. Untick the documentation launch and click “Finish
    emulator black screen fix method
  7. Now all you need is to restart your PC gently, and now your Remix OS emulator should work fine.

Alternative Method

Another reason for the emulator’s black screen is the outdated software. Make sure your emulator is updated till date and if not, try to update it first.

Link to updated android emulators for windows: Link (Softonic)

How to Fix Emulator Black Screen on Android?

gba emulator black screen on android

Well, I have tried few GBA emulator for android and found this black screen bug. So overall, it’s not that much complicated as compared to PC. So I would suggest you alter the emulator. Find a new emulator and replace your older one, no big deal here. One more reason for the emulator’s black screen on android can be a “bad developer”. Most of their emulator works for only android 4.1 version. So try to find some good developer and install the emulator based on user’s reviews.

Quick Fix for Android

  • Change the app with the new one
  • Try it on different mobile with different android version
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