Photoshop too complicated for you? Here we are going to guide you for Free Photoshop Alternatives. That freeware that simply gets the work done. And the best part is that you don’t even have to pay for it. Where in today’s world, Photoshop is considered to be “The Holy Grail” of editing. With thousands of software, there’s none to give PS competition.

First launched on February 19, 1990. Photoshop is still the king of all editing software. It is undoubtedly the best editing software. Adobe has grown and improved to such an extent that even Professional Photographer’s use none other than this.

With hundreds of editing options, freedom to almost do anything to the image, it get’s difficult as well. Whatever you do, it doesn’t let any compromises to be made to the image quality. As much complex it may feel, it is so simple to use.

free photoshop alternatives

But if you don’t find it comfortable enough, we have perfect free Photoshop alternatives. These software are not only just free but does the job in a best possible way. But on what basis can we quantify and qualify them as Best free Photoshop alternatives? Primarily on these parameters:

  1. Usability.
  2. Ease of Access and Ease of use.
  3. Convenient import/ export.
  4. Maximum features.
  5. Better image handling.
  6. Good and comparable results.
  7. Time efficient.

Best Photoshop Alternatives

Following are best free Photoshop alternatives that we were able to club together.


picasa photo editor

Launched back in 2002, Picasa was the best image viewer and editor by Google. Even though Google has discontinued Picasa, it still can be actively downloaded and used as such. The clutter-free and minimalistic interface was the standing point for Picasa, thus making it the best free Photoshop alternative. Picasa was not just the photo editor but photo viewer as well, which served multiple tasks. Picasa featured:

  1. Basic fix
  2. Retouching, Red-eye reduction
  3. Collage making
  4. Organizing by albums or Star ratings.
  5. Video creation.

Picasa was the best image organizer during its active days and is still used by millions of users globally.

Download Picasa For Free


photoscape photo editor

Photocape, also teased as mini photoshop by users worldwide. It serves the purpose of photo editing and some of the technical tools in the simplest way. Photoscape provides multiple layered editing, and just click of a button can apply all.

Photoscape provides facility to:

  1. Edit images.
  2. Batch Editor (Logo/ watermark application)
  3. Combining/stitching multiple images as one.
  4. Animated Gif.
  5. Printing
  6. Spitter/ shredder
  7. Screen capture (Screenshot)
  8. Color picker (Selective tool)
  9. Raw Converter.
  10. Renaming
  11. Photo Viewer.

Download Photoscape for Free


gimp phot -editor

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It’s been for decades and is less known to general public. But technically sound people use it quite often. Reason being :

  1. It’s Simple to use.
  2. It doesn’t require many resources.
  3. It’s quick.
  4. It’s free.
  5. It works on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  6. Its interface is quite similar to Photoshop.
  7. Supports layers and masks
  8. Highly customizable

Download GIMP for Free


pixlr photo editor

A freeware application that has more than 600 effects, overlays, and borders. It also resembles user interface to that of Photoshop. It provides all the basic editing and retouches that you may ever need in a quick edit or even in detailed editing

This free app is available for both iOS and Android platforms. The most significant advantage of it is that one can use it as a web app.

Download Pixlr for Free / Paint / Paint 3d photo editor

The one software that one has used at least once in his terms. It comes pre-installed along with Microsoft Windows. It’s been part of Microsoft operating systems, from back the days that most of us weren’t even born then.

A simple yet capable enough to do most of the work all by itself on one single platform. It provides:

  1. A good range of selection tools
  2. Support for layers
  3. Adjustments such as curves and brightness/contrast.
  4. Resizing is most comfortable and precise.
  5. Screenshots are saved with it’s help.
  6. It’s very fast and runs well even on low-powered PCs.
  7. There’s no limit on the size of saved images.
  8. Support to save in most of the file formats, including PNG.

Download For Free

Adobe Lightroom

adobe lightroom photo editor

When it comes to photo editing, no one does it better than Adobe. Adobe Lightroom comes shares same parent Adobe, like Photoshop. Lightroom was created to save time and be able to run efficiently on less powerful machines. Lightroom pretty much does the same as Photoshop does.

It has support for RAW file format as well and does most of the work as of Photoshop. But where Lightroom takes the edge over Photoshop is :

  1. Lighter version.
  2. Faster workflow.
  3. Hundreds of presets to choose from.
  4. Cleaner and organized interface.
  5. Runs smoothly on less powerful systems as well.

If you already have Adobe ID and have an active subscription at Adobe Creative Cloud (CC). You can right away get it with just one click.

Download Adobe Lightroom Free Trial

Final Verdict:

Above mentioned software were best free Photoshop alternatives. These will get your work done. That too without hampering the image quality. We hope that this article was of use for you and you will benefit yourselves with it. Thank you, stay subscribed for more such interesting articles.

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