This post is all about “How to take a screenshot in Window PC.” We will show various method to do that. So, are you sick and tired of taking multiple images from your mobile of your computer screen just to save an article like your result?

Well, we have a perfect solution for you. Yes, we can take a screenshot of our computer’s active screen, just like we do on our mobile devices. Instead of using buttons here, we use either pre-assigned keys or some software and tools.

how to take screenshot in windows

Methods to Take Screenshot in Windows 10

Well, there are multiple ways to take a screenshot in Microsoft Windows 10 Laptop or PC. Here we will let you go through them one by one:

1. Print Screen Button

screenshot in windows 10 using print screenThe first and most commonly used method is done with the help of a button that’s been there on our keyboards for decades. But not many of us were aware of its full potential. It is a button that has itself lettered as “prt sc sys rq.” As the name states prt scr, it means print screen as an acronym.

How to Use Print Screen Button

  1. First of all, open the screen or window that you need to capture or saved.
  2. Then press the prt scr shortcut key.
  3. Now as you have done it, search paint and open it.
  4. Next, you need to paste (CTRL + V) and the entire screen’s screenshot will be visible there.
    print screen windows screenshot
  5. Now you can: Crop it, Edit it, Make any changes in it you wish.
  6. Lastly, you need to save it, either use (CTRL + S) or press the floppy icon on the top left of the corner.

Alternatively, you can also click on file. A drop-down menu appears, select Save as, and you can choose the file format of your choice to save the image. You can even rename the file and set the desired location for the saved file.

How to Use Print Screen Button with Shortcut Key

screenshot without print screen windows 10

Another efficient way to do the same is by keep pressing Windows key, and same time pressing prt scr button, you will see a flicker in the screen, where it will signify that screenshot just got captured, exact similar way as it happens on your mobile device.

The advantage of using this method is that you need not open paint or make such hassle. Instead, the screenshot automatically gets saved in the Screenshots folder, which lies inside Pictures folder.

So Print screen is one of the most straightforward methods to take any screenshot without using snipping tool. Wonder what is snipping tool? Let’s get into it.

2. Snipping Tool

take windows 10 screenshot using snipping tool

Another way to take a screenshot in Windows 10 is with the help of pre-installed software/tool that goes by the name “Snipping Tool.”

Snipping tool is a pre-installed software that comes along Microsoft windows 10 by default. It is not something new to the world. It has been part of windows right from good old Microsoft Windows XP and still exists in Microsoft Windows 1o. Thus, proving sniping tool’s worth.

It is a tool, with a purpose of taking screenshots as a whole or in selected parts as per requirement. It is a very convenient tool and very dynamic in nature.

How to Use Snipping Tool to Take Screenshot

  1. Go to Search and type snipping tools.
  2. In search results, your program must appear, that have the icon with oval and scissors on it.
  3. Click open it, and a rectangular window appears.
  4. Click on New, and instantly your screen goes translucent, now you can drag and select the area that you wish to save.
  5. The moment you release your mouse, you get a new window with your screenshot image there.
  6. Now you get the freedom of editing it more freely.

You can crop, use the pen, marker, highlighter to mark some critical notes. Just like you’d do in your real notebook.

Advantages of Snipping Tool Over Print Screen

The place where snipping tools stand out from the rest of the methods is that it gives you the freedom to select the desired area. Right from the beginning unlike other ways, where you are supposed to edit, a crop once screenshot has been taken.

Another advantage is, while other methods capture rectangular or square screenshots. Here with the use of Snipping tools, you can take Free form screenshots, oval screenshots or as per your desired choice.

3. Full Page Screen Capture for Chrome

screenshot in windows 10 chrome

If you are looking to take screenshot particularly for Google Chrome, then you will love this extension. “Full Page Screen Capture” is an extension for Chrome browser that will capture the full page and save it in .png or .pdf format. This tool is handy to take a screenshot of any scrollable page and also works in Mac Os or Macbook. So let’s see, how we can do this.

  1. First, download the google chrome browser from here (skip if already have one)
  2. Now its time to download the extension that is adware free.
  3. Finally, to capture any chrome window, you need to left click on “Camera icon” from the top right menu bar.
    take screenshot windows laptop
  4. You can also use the shortcut button, “Alt+Shift+P” to do the job done.
  5. Finally, the extension will automatically convert the entire screen into a beautiful screenshot.

4. Game Bar

This feature of Windows 10 is available only on Gaming PC or Laptop. Sometimes, While playing a video game, the print screen or snipping tool may not function properly, thats why we have “Game Bar”. This tool is specially built to capture a screenshot when you are in-game. So let’s explain how you can do it quickly.

  1. Open Windows 10 “Setting” by clicking on “Windows” icon from the bottom left corner.
    game bar windows 10 screenshot
  2. Now select “Gaming” icon in the Windows setting page
    game bar windows 10 screenshot
  3. Turn on the “Game bar” in the next screen.
    enable screenshot windows
  4. While in-game you just need to press the “Screenshot” button or press shortcut key “Win + Alt + Prnt Scn” at the same time.
    in-game screenshot windows 10
  5. All the screenshots will appear in the DocumentsScreenshots

In additionally, Gamers can use GeForce Experience or Steam to take the in-game screenshot.

Final Verdict

Taking Screenshot is very critical and saves a lot of hassle of writing and storing by merely saving articles or matter as such. Taking Screenshot in Windows 10 is very easy, convenient and useful.

It not only saves your time, but all the screenshots are captured in very high resolution and high-quality image. Thus you need not worry about details and areas missing or getting blurred out.

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