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Recently, Reliance has launched Jio Mhere app which is an exclusive app for Jio Feature phone.  Along with it, there are many new apps launched for eg. Jio Maps, Pdf Reader etc. The application was launched back in May 2018 but still not working.

The app is currently available on Jio Store. You can get this app by navigation to MenuJioStore –  Jio Mhere+ (Track, Analyse and Optimize) and finally Install it.

jio mhere logo

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What is Jio Mhere App?

jio mhere app

Jio Mhere app is an attendance platform for medium and large scale enterprises (MSMEs) that provides holistic monitoring of attendance of resource and their location.

While the official details of this app are not public, seems like the app is developed to track the attendance by any MSMEs. The current version of this app is 1.0.0, and it’s on early stage.

Error: You are not Authorised

jio mhere how to use it

This error popups whenever you try to launch the application. The error says “You are not autorised”. Even the spelling of authorized is incorrect. It means that this app is not fully developed yet. Consequently, there may be three reasons for this error as we have listed below.

Why is Jio Mhere Not Working?

  • The app is not fully developed
  • Not available for the general public
  • Only available for MSMEs companies

We know that many users want to use Mhere+ app but can not. However, we can see some improvements in the next app update. We will update the post again.