Ever since the release of PUBG Emulator for Windows, the PUBG Mobile gaming experience has increased a lot. The PUBG Mobile developer “Tencent released PUBG Mobile emulator.” Now you can easily aim for a “headshot” without any trouble, just by dragging your mouse. This emulator is known as “Tencent Gaming Buddy.”

What is Tencent Gaming Buddy?

pubg mobile emulator

Tencent gaming buddy is a PUBG Mobile emulator that can run PUBG android game on your laptop or computer. It is basically an Android emulator for PC that only runs PUBG mobile game.

Advantages of PUBG Mobile Emulator

  • Play PUBG on a bigger screen with 1080p and 2K Ultra HD resolution
  • Keyboard control is much more comfortable (with keymapping)
  • Get more framerates and lag-free gameplay
  • It almost feels like you are playing PUBG PC
  • Auto weapon pickup is helpful for newbies
  • Less recoil and bullet drop mechanism means easy kills
  • Works in low-end PC and laptops

Getting Started with PUBG Mobile Emulator

Step 1: Download PUBG Mobile Emulator

First of all, we need to download the PUBG Mobile emulator from the official site. So click this link to download it on your computer. Now double click the downloaded file and select “Install” to begin the installation process.

download pubg mobile emulator

Step 2: Install PUBG Mobile Emulator

The installation will take a little while if you have a fast internet connection. Your PC is currently downloading the emulator itself.

installing pubg mobile emulator

Now after that, the emulator will start downloading Playerunknown’s Battleground game and its size is close to 1GB, so just wait for it.

emulator is downloading pubg for pc

Finally, after completing the downloading process, you are finally ready to play the game. It will show you a dialogue box as shown below.

pubg mobile emulator update finished

Step 3: Launch the Game

To launch the game, just open the Tencent Gaming Buddy and click the play button.

play pubg mobile

Now to compete with other online players, you must have a PUBG Mobile account. Create one by signing up with “Facebook” and the game will automatically assign a new Player’s Name for you. (Make sure to select the “Privacy policy” and “User agreement” before signing up.)

pubg mobile emulator login signup

Step 4: Setup Your Game

Now in this step, you need to set up your game’s profile. Remember that, you are playing on an emulator so the game will auto-match you with the players using an emulator (not mobile).

pubg mobile emulator detected

However, before playing, you need to adjust the settings. Open the Tencent Gaming Buddy Settings Center > Engine > and change your settings per your hardware.

Make sure to tick the “Prioritize Dedicated GPU” if you have additional GPU in your computer. Change the Memory, Anti-aliasing, Processor, Resolution, and DPI as shown below.

tencent centre best engine settings

Now go to Settings Center > Game > and change your graphics resolution as shown below.

tencent game center setting

  • Select 720p if you don’t have any dedicated GPU in your PC
  • Select 1080P if you have GTX 660 or higher
  • Select 2K Ultra HD if you have GTX 1060 or higher

Let the Display quality in “Auto” mode. This will let your GPU handle the best rendering method.

Step 5: Get Best In-game Settings

Next, all you need is the best frames rate with optimal visuals. So what we are doing here is balancing the performance and quality at the same time. To do that click on the “Gear” icon from the bottom right corner of your game.

Now select Graphics from the right menu bar. Perform following settings if you have dedicated graphics card. These settings will give the best visual experience while in-game.

pubg mobile emulator best graphic settings

If you do not have any dedicated GPU, enable these settings.

  • Graphics: Smooth
  • Frame Rate: Medium
  • Anti-aliasing: Disable

Now its time to change the mouse sensitivity for quick down-sight aiming and controlled recoil of guns, especially AKM. So these are the best settings for mouse settings.

best sensitivity pubg mobile emulator

Please Note: The lesser the resolution of your game, the faster your mouse will move. It is entirely dependent on how much DPI your screen is handling.

Step 6: Finalizing and Play

All done, now select the best server that is close to your region. A close server location helps you to get faster ping so that your bullet register faster in enemies head. There are three servers right now i.e Asia, Europe, and North America. Your turn, select the best one.

select best server pubg mobile emulator

Finally, click the Start Game, enjoy the game and get that Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. I enjoy this emulator because it is very effortless to get kills than PUBG PC.

pubg mobile emulator chicken dinner

Bugs in PUBG Mobile Emulator

  • Vehicle Bug: When you get out of a vehicle, the controller stops working sometimes.
  • Free Look Bug: The default sensitivity to get free look pressing “ALT” key is very high, and there is no way to decrease it.
  • Random Stuttering: Your game may stutter after frequently for no reason. This cause a drop in framerates.

This emulator is currently in the testing stage. Hope these bugs will be fixed in next update.

Most Commonly Asked Question

How to Enable Voice Chat in PUBG Mobile Emulator?

To enable this option, Press “CTRL” once and click the Microphone icon from the top right corner. Now select “Team” to speak to your teammates or select “All” to talk with the world.

enable voice chat in pubg mobile emulator

Make sure you hear everyone, to enable this, click on the “Setting” Gear Icon and go to Audio and change the speaker or microphone sound levels. Using these settings, you can lower the annoying voice of a random teammate .

Ask me any other question related to this topic. I will glad to help you with that.

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