In recent updates, Whatsapp has rolled out the status feature just like Snapchat. You can update your photos/videos, website links, text messages, GIFs and more in Whatsapp story. But downloading these media files is really a headache. But not anymore, we will tell you the best alternatives to save the pictures and videos directly to your smartphone’s gallery. Although the Whatsapp stories are end-to-end encrypted and get deleted within 24 hours.  But there are some tricks that will definitely ease your job.

The procedures are absolutely simple and don’t require any extra efforts like rooting or jailbreaking. The methods work seamlessly with Android as well as iOS platforms. To perform the task Sony Xperia Z1 with Android Version 5.0.2 (Lollipop) is used. There are few key points you have to keep in mind to save Whatsapp statuses. Take a look:

  1. Make sure you have an updated Whatsapp Messenger on your smartphone
  2. Android users kindly check if your Android Version is 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher (For this go to your phone’s settings and then tap on “About phone.” There you will find the Android version your device is running on)

Since you have passed all the above-mentioned points now you are all set to learn how to download the Whatsapp statuses.

1. Hidden Whatsapp Status Folder

Most of the Whatsapp users are not familiar with this fact. Yes, every photo or video you watched is already saved on your phone. But the folder is hidden so that you don’t get a mess in your phone’s gallery. But you can unhide the folder manually. For this, no premium app or third-party application is required. Your stock file manager is enough to unfold all the hidden secrets. This procedure works for both Android as well as iOS platforms. Now, follow these simple steps to get more out of the Whatsapp Stories:

Alternative 1

  1. First of all, check your stock file manager and find “Show hidden files and folders” option. The option usually available in File Manager’s settings. So look for settings and tick the Show hidden files and folders option.
  2. After that, go to “Internal Storage” folder and then tap on “Whatsapp” folder
  3. Now tap on “Media” folder
  4. You will find “.Statuses” folder here, tap on that and you are done.

whatsapp status download

Alternative 2

If you still face any problem or unable to find the “Show hidden files and folders” settings. Don’t worry! There is another alternative to do this job. Follow the steps:

  1. Download the “ES File Explorer” app on your phone (the size of the application is 13 MB). Install it and then run it.
  2. Now tap on “Menu” option available on the top left corner
    whatsapp status download es file explorer
  3. Look for “Show hidden files” option and tick it
    whatsapp status download hidden folder
  4. Now go to Internal Storage -> Whatsapp -> Media -> .Statuses
    whatsapp status hidden folder
  5. If you want to save these files or want them to be visible in your phone’s gallery, just copy/cut and paste them into a different location or create a new folder and paste there
    whatsapp status hidden folder

2. Story Box

Story Box is one of the best Whatsapp Story Downloader application available on Google Play Store. The interface of the apk is very basic and simple. You don’t need to put extra efforts, the app will do everything for you. This application is very light in size and occupies only 2.4 MB of space. Now, follow these steps to save Whatsapp Stories:

  1. First of all, search for “Story Box” on Google Play Store or download here ( this application is available only on Android platforms)
    story box google play
  2. Download the app, install it and run it
    whatsapp status download story box
  3. You will find all the photos and videos here, you can also download these media files using this app
    story box user interface

3. Story Saver

Story Saver is another Whatsapp Story saving application available for Android users. Just like Story Box, this app is also light in weight and requires only 2.5 MB of space. It features basic functions like Recent Stories, Saved Stories and How to use! The interface is very appealing and decent. Now, let’s see how to download and use this apk.

  1. First of all search for “Story Saver” on Google Play Store or download here
    story saver
  2. Download the app, install on your phone and run it
  3. Now, tap on “Recent Stories” to download the Whatsapp Stories
  4. These downloaded stories will be available in your phone’s gallery as well as you can browse them using this application too. For this go to the “Saved Stories” section
    story saver interface


These are some of the methods you can use to save or download the Whatsapp Statuses into your phone. You can also use “Screenshot” option but we don’t recommend that one. The reason behind it is, Screenshots are only useful to capture the photos or text status but they are useless when it comes to video downloading. These are some of the best methods, apps, and procedures available for now. We will update this section if we find more reliable alternatives. All the above-mentioned methods are self-tried and work perfectly. Still, if you find any problem, feel free to share in the comment box below.

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